Rodeo Bull Hire

Rodeo Bull Hire
Rodeo Bull Hire
Our Rodeo Bulls are the best you can buy, top of the range models with real cow hide and twin compertition timers. British built for quality.

We invest in replacing them every year to ensure that we deliver only the latest, safest equipment in imaculate condition to each and every customer.

All Rodeo Bulls are operated by a trained member of the Happy Days Events team, have the relivent risk assesment and covered by our PL insurance.

Requirments for the Rodeo Bull Hire:

  • 33inch gap for the machine to enter
  • 5mx5m minimum clear level space
  • 13amp socket within 25m of the set up area
  • 9ft head clearance

Why Choose Happy Days Events?

Immaculate Equipment

We regularly replace and service our equipment to ensure we deliver only quality equipment to our customers, we are confident you will not find better qaulity equpment for the same price.


We have been lucky enough to be chosen by some of the UK’s largest companies to provide equipment for there events, various TV apperances and many, many hires for people celerbrating their special occasions.

Clear Pricing

We do not display ‘click bait’ pricing, we display average hire lenths and prices we will not display a low price to entice customers to call and find out that low price is for a 2 hour hire on a wednesday afternoon.
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